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Snowball Ice Cream Treat

Good morning to all.  I hope the start of your weekend is looking good.  I am hoping to go to an event today at the Historical Museum.  An old fashioned ice cream social.  The rest of the day will be work, work and then more work. 
Today's blog is about a childhood memory.  I cannot deny that when I go grocery shopping...even till this day...I look for this product in the freezer section.  What is it?  They are an ice cream snowball.  I remember as a child that at Christmas time, my mother would buy these wonderful treats for me.  It wasn't just an ice cream...it was a treat that stirred the imagination...at least it did for me.  I suppose there has always been a bit of the dramatics in me.  Well, anyway, these ice cream delights were shaped like a snowball.  They were rolled in coconut...which I LOVE!  They were decorated at the top with some green holly and berries that had been iced on.  Later on, they replaced that icing with a piece of plastic holly and berries.  Then the best thing of all...there was a red candle that was included that you inserted in the middle just like a birthday cake.  Now, I must say, I absolutely loved the ice cream...but it was the candle that made that treat so extra special.  Who would think that a little red waxy stick would do something so big.  For me...that candle made each time I got to eat one a celebration.  I can remember like it was yesterday, inserting that candle and mom lighting it up.  I would have her turn the lights down low and just glare at this dessert that was before me.  I didn't sing...well, maybe my heart did...but there was some sort of magic in that treat! 
They were around from just after Thanksgiving until New Years.  I remember loving that time of the year just because of snowballs. 
I thought a lot about how wonderful of a feeling that was.  I am sure that we all enjoy ice cream...I most certainly do..but an ice cream that seemed to celebrate something left a lot for the imagination. 
I searched as I had children for those treats with no luck whatsoever.  When the granddaughters came...I searched again.  I asked others that I knew about whether they remembered those treats.  I never found anyone else who remembered them...then finally I decided one day to do a search for them on the internet....God Bless this electronic.  Anyway, I discovered that they were mad by a company called Foremost Dairy Foods.  They were around only during the 50's and 60's. It is a forgotten or maybe perhaps unknown treat....but not in my heart!  In my heart they were a piece of the holiday magic. 
I thought a lot about this and will all of today's advancements in the kitchen..perhaps I will make some and bring back a little bit of that old time magic for the holidays this year.  I may have to keep a shelf open in my freezer because I don't think just a few will do.    

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