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Good morning to all.  Well, another Sunday has rolled around and for my area...well, it looks a bit gloomy.  Scattered shower threats hover the area.  Definitely will be a paint day.  I was able to get through quite a bit yesterday..and there is much more on the horizon for today.  One thing that is a must is to get to Michaels craft store to buy a hand support. 
Well, on to todays blog.  Today I would like to tackle the topic of Alcohol.
It is the intoxication that is indeed a dilemma for more than just the drinker.  It is a complete shame that this is such a large and vast problem and to top it off...it is legal! 
As I sit and look upon the devastation that comes from alcohol, it sickens me.  Not only to watch someone you care about drown themselves in their sorrows, but to also see the devastation that it causes their families.  From small children to grown adults...alcohol is the EBOLA in a bottle.  The killer...not only for the drinker but also for those around them. 
I looked closely at this issue and wondered why something that is so dangerous...yes DANGEROUS is legal and very quickly got my answer.  The government gains about 5.6 BILLION dollars in taxes on its sales.  That is some big chunk of change they are never going to stop.  The problem is that while the government is gaining money...the drinkers are losing it faster than they can make it.  One of the biggest problems with drinkers...alchoholics...is that they have major financial difficulties.  While the cost of a bottle of liquor doesn't seem like much for the one one bottle...it is the cumulative costs.  Often times the average costs of alcohol per month for one person can be between 300 to 500 dollars.  EASILY!!  That of course is if they are drinking at home.  Imagine! 
Now if that isn't pricey enough...when you look at the devastation that is happening to the rest of the family...It is immeasurable.  And the largest problem is that the drinker is not even aware of their behaviors and the effects that it has on the rest of the family. 
They are willing to risk danger to themselves at all costs...or the cost of a drink! 
The estimated annual deaths and  circumstances related to alcohol are as follows:
How can alcohol be blamed for 100,000 deaths each year?
  • 5% of all deaths from diseases of the circulatory system are attributed to alcohol.
  • 15% of all deaths from diseases of the respiratory system are attributed to alcohol.
  • 30% of all deaths from accidents caused by fire and flames are attributed to alcohol.
  • 30% of all accidental drownings are attributed to alcohol.
  • 30% of all suicides are attributed to alcohol.
  • 40% of all deaths due to accidental falls are attributed to alcohol.
  • 45% of all deaths in automobile accidents are attributed to alcohol.
  • 60% of all homicides are attributed to alcohol.
This is staggering to me.  And if you look at this..it does not cover what harmful effects that it has on the family and friends.
Parental alcoholism also affects the mental development of a normal kid in the house. A large number of these children suffer from low self-esteem, guilt, suicidal feelings, fearlessness, fear of abandonment and depression. In many cases, the child of an alcoholic may think that he/she is the main cause of this problem and may suffer from high levels of tension and stress. Young kids may suffer from night sweats, bed wetting and they often cry alone for long hours. Older kids of alcoholic parents may become introvert and extremely self-conscious. Kids may also face problems at school as the negative environment at home might prevent them from studying and taking interest in academic activities. These children may also suffer from hypertension as they cannot share their frustration with anyone. This is very unfortunate but instances of incest and battering are very common in places were parents are alcoholics. Alcoholics tend to verbally and physically abuse their spouses and kids which leaves them scarred for life. Children blame themselves for the wrongdoing of the parents and they also turn to drinking to escape the pain, guilt and shame.

Alcoholics can also be very abusive towards their spouses and dealing with them is not everyone's cup of tea. Their spouse may suffer from feelings of hatred, frustration and mental exhaustion. The spouse may try to find peace and comfort outside which often leads to an extramarital affair. Very often the non alcoholic spouse has to do the duties of both the parents which makes the situation even worse. The household can also face a lot of financial difficulties as alcoholics tend to spend more and more money on alcoholic beverages.
For anyone who loves the alchoholic...or the so called "social drinker"  it is devastating.  They are forced to observe a life crumbling before them. 
I had never realized that there are 4 stages to alcoholism...the same as cancer.  Funny how if you are diagnosed with cancer..the word alone is enough to get you to sit up and take notice...but the word alcoholism doesn't seem to sink in.  The stages are awful with a tragic ending...the same as with cancer.  Now...cancer has it's treatments...and so does Alcoholism...but will the drinker take the treatment?  Some do and move on to a better life.  Others will lose everything...their family, friends, job, money, homes and most of all their lives. 
This saddens me to no end.  They leave a legacy though.  Troubled family members, grieving friends and sometimes injured, crippled or dead victims. 
As much as I can go on and on here...my reason for this is for those who might know that this is happening in your life.  If you have someone you love...whether they see it as a problem or not, whether they choose to get help or not...YOU, the person standing by, left watching the devastation...YOU need help as well and there are places to go to get help.  Perhaps you didn't know...were unaware...are afraid.  If you are there...please look up Al-Anon...or Al-Ateen.  There are chat rooms even on line that you can use to help talk about what YOU are going through and how to get YOU through this Intoxicating  NIGHTMARE! Just know that if you are watching this disease affect someone you love...that only THEY can help themselves.  YOU have to take care of YOU!! 
I often wonder...if I offered someone a bottle of poison...would they drink it??  Well...I guess the answer is yes...because it happens every second!  Ever wonder why a bartender will ask the question to a patron..."What's your POISON?"


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