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Cameras and Their Frozen Moments

Good morning to everyone.  Well, a very morose day peers through my windows this morning.  The temperatures will be cool, yet the humidity is high.  This would be the temperature that would initiate my opening windows if it were not for my Fibrolyalgia.  the humidity will worsen the condition horribly.  It is bad enough with the change in the temperature and the rain. 
Well, today's blog is about the never ending changes in our world.  I was looking at a picture recently that was taken by my Grandmother.  When I was a child, my first introduction to the camera was an old BROWNIE.  No, not the kind you eat...the camera style or type was called a brownie.  It was a box with a latch at the front of it.  When the latch was undone, an accordion like piece fell forward and stopped where the attached side metal bars held it.  It basically formed an L.  This was always used outdoors, to the best of my recall.  Grandma would often take me to school and take all sorts of pictures with that camera.  When they were developed..they had these cute ruffle like edges all around the photo. 
As I grew older, along came another type of camera that had these flash bulbs that you could use with in when taking a picture indoors, it had a silver dome around where you would insert the bulb. There was also a 35mm camera.   Then later a camera with flash cubes that actually had 4 flashes that could be used and then you would replace the cube. 
As technology advanced...along came the Polaroid camera with the instant film that was spit out of the camera.  You would have to wait a couple of minutes and the film would develop right before your eyes.  First the Polaroid came only in black and white and then advanced in color.  There were many styles to choose from.  Advancing forward we came to the disposable cameras.  Yes...you could use and then toss after they were developed. These cameras are still available today.  And then we came into the digital world.  The digital cameras.  Instantly you could check your photo to make sure it was exactly what you want.  We all the advanced technology, there is even a camera on most phones and even on your computer and you can take a picture even when you are skyping someone. 
It is amazing the advances that have been made in just the 50 plus years that I can recall.  
What is the use of camera's?  Well, interestingly enough, they catalog life.  They are a memory booster, a frozen piece of time and place.  I often find flashes of memories held in some old black and whites.  I am able to look into that photo and see all the grays that were involved in it.  It can tell a story.  You can make up a story with one picture.  I teach storyboarding with students to learn how to develop a story to tell.  Interesting that someone so long ago thought up the idea to capture frame by frame life.  Interesting as well is the thought that we indeed FRAME our photographs. 
I take many photos both for pleasure and for business.  It is interesting as I have looked back on the quality of the development of those pictures.  I must say, there is not a lasting quality in the old Polaroid pictures...for the expense that it was...I am sorry to have used that camera.  The only recourse that I think I might have is to snap a digital of the photos and at least stop the deterioration. 
You might think that the home photos are the ones most at risk, but that is not true.  I had one of the best photography studios take my wedding pictures 40 years ago and to my dismay, they are fading horribly.  It is a good thing that there is advancement in photo repairs to salvage the problem.  
When we speak of technology, it is also a blessing to have programs to use if we scan a photo into the computer and can fix it all. 
Well, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words...and how right they are.  I fondly look over life, towns, vacations, birthdays, graduations and more.  I recall each and every blessing, each and every person who crossed my path.  I see the resemblances of family members...the ability to remind those present of those who have past.  I see the changes in the homes, the towns and cities.   
Amazing what a small little box can capture.  The moments of a lifetime.  FROZEN....all we need to do is a little melting in our minds from time to time!   

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