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Bridesmaids and a MOMZILLA

Good morning to all.  What a nice cool day for August.  The sun is out and I think I may take advantage of the day and do some prep work outdoors. 
I now that it is about a week away for some children to start school.  I will soon be hearing the chatter of children waiting for the school bus.  How quickly the summer has come to an end. 
Today's blog is about shopping for bridesmaids dresses.  Now most brides to be would be smart and just go shopping with her maid of honor and decide on a dress, then the other girls would follow suit.  But that was not the way it was for me.  No...I had to go with all 7, plus the flower girls mother and both moms.  Let me tell you...that was truly one of the largest mistakes I have ever made in my life. 
If you thought pleases one was difficult...imagine have 11 of us in one room.  The girls themselves weren't too bad.  they choose a very becoming gown.  Back then, I thought that it might even be a gown that they could cut short and wear again...but the reality of it is...that never happened.  Now as for the flower girl.  I had this vision in my head of this very fluffy, sort of southern bell type gown for the flower girl.  My wedding, my dream...NOT!  The flower girls mother thought the dress was too expensive.  Okay...I can deal with that...I offer to pay for half of the dress...still not good enough.  She insists that she can sew a gown that is better and will be much cheaper.  That only came after the little girl had temper tantrums over wanting to wear a gown that had marabou feathers around it. Not exactly right for a September wedding....especially since none of the bridesmaid dresses had feathers.  Well, I have to tell you that on the night before the wedding, I got this dress that was not finished and spent the evening sewing the trim on.
Now, I bet you think...oh, that is not such a big deal...well, really in the scheme of things...it really wasn't  The worse part of the whole ordeal was when the time came for the mothers to choose their dresses.  Well, my mother finally found a gown she liked.  Very simple, straight cut with a matching jacket.  She really like the almond color, but didn't want to deter from the white gown I was wearing, so she opted for a soft blue to match with one of the colors in the bridal party.  It was a nice dress and my mom looked great in it.  Then came time for my future mother in law.  The saleswomen brought out one dress after another...to no avail.  She decided that there was nothing there that she liked.  Being the nice future daughter in law that I was...I offered to take her dress shopping on another day. 
When that day arrived and I picked her up and asked where she would like to go...her answer was that she wanted to return to Taffy's Bridal Salon.  The same place we were all at.  I couldn't imagine why she would want to return since there seemed to be nothing there that she liked the first time around...but who was I to argue. 
Now, once we arrived, the saleswomen began to bring in a bunch of dresses for her to try on.  Well, at one point the women waltzes in with the dress my mother chose.  I quickly told her to remove that one but my mother in law to be stopped her dead in her tracks and insisted on trying it on.  I kept repeating over and over again that the dress was already spoken for by my mother.  The saleswoman was of no help whatsoever!  My future mother in law kept telling me that my mother said it was alright if she got the same dress.  There is no way under heaven my mother would have approved such a ridiculous idea...and so...my future mother in law got the same dress...and in the same color.  What a nightmare.  I took her home and then went to my home to discuss this tragedy with my mother.  My mom was really set on the gown she chose since it really looked good on her...so we did the best we could...we changed the color and my mother wore the almond. 
Every time, my future mother in law asked about my mother and her accessories...without telling her that we changed the color...I always told her everything was being dyed to match the dress.  Imagine her surprise the day of the wedding.  
Today we have all these shows on television which show the Bridezillas...well this could have been called the momzilla.  In the end, all worked out well, the wedding came off without a hitch and in the end...did it really matter? 
The funniest thing about this story was that my mother in law had that dress earmarked to be buried in.  At one point, her home burned down and the bad that was covering the dress melted right over the dress.  Karma perhaps? 

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