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My Blog

How Will Others See Me in the Future

Good morning to everyone.  What a beautiful morning!  The temperatures are perfect...that is, in my estimation.  I have plenty of things planned for today.  I have many projects waiting for me and my paint brush.  I love the challenge of creating something new.  
As for today's blog, I have already written it once..but then my computer shut down at the tail end and of course...it had not yet been saved.  I hate when that happens and kick my self for not saving it half way through. After that happened...then it made me wonder whether that blog was not was I was supposed to write about so after some deliberation...I have chosen to take a different direction. I was watching a program about tracking your genealogical background.  It starred Valerie Bertonelli. The program was called Who Do You Think You Are?.  She amazed me with her enthusiasm and her sentimentality.  Her excitement was catching.  Her expressions were priceless.  Her appreciation for her ancestors touched my heart.  As I watched her excitement and her appreciation for the struggles that her ancestors met and conquered gave me great hope.  I often wonder whether anyone 200 years from now will look back at what I may have done and wonder whether they will find any of it of interest.  As Valerie was handed a book of a great grandfathers writings...it appeared as though she had been handed a piece of gold.  I was thrilled to see her raw emotions throughout this program.  Here is a woman who is famous in her own right and yet her passion to find her past was inspiring.  She wanted to know who were the people who made up who she was today.  Such an inspiring story.  To look at people in her ancestral lines and admire what they did and who they were.  To question the reasons behind it as well.  
As I look at the ancestors in my past, I too am in awe.  It doesn't matter who they were or what they have done in their lives...they all made a path to where I am today and who I am as well.  
I know that my great-grandmother was killed by a streetcar in Chicago which left her husband a widow and 4 children motherless.  My grandmother took over her mother's role as the mom at the age of 13.  I look at my granddaughter who is now 13 and couldn't imagine that type of responsibility being thrust upon her one morning.   Due to the nature of her death, I have the transcripts of the trial.  As I read through it..I can almost picture being in the room as the day unfolded.  They counted the change that was in her purse.  The location of where this tragic incident occurred.  Her clothing was described, piece by piece.  Even though I have never seen a picture of her...and of course had never met her..I felt saddened.  My grandmother rarely spoke of that day...except for Christmas time.  This was a time when she missed her the most.  Gram never spoke much of her father, nor did she ever go into much detail about what she had to do to compensate for being without a mom.  She was my idol.  I aspired to be like her on so many levels.  She was loving and compassionate.  She was constantly giving to everyone.  Her mother must have been a wonderful woman as well.  I so wished that I would have had the intense thirst for knowing that I do know.  I would have asked so many more questions.  What I am grateful for is that there are paper trails to lead me to the answers to my questions.  Thank goodness for sites like ancestry.com and others like that.  I love that in Europe a person can go straight to the books that search for the answers.  I  of course do not have the finances to go to all the places people like Valerie Bertonelli did....but the avenues I do have are a great step back into the time tunnel.  I look forward to traveling back in time a little further in the future and in the meantime...pray that those who are still to come will find something in my life that touches their hearts or inspires them.  

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