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Good morning to all.  I haven't had the opportunity to write for a couple of days.  Life sometimes just takes over.  Glad to have the chance this morning to get here to do this.  A lovely day at the moment outside, but rain in anticipated.  Hoping to get some work done today.  
Well, today's blog is about perception.  It isn't really something that I have given much thought of in the past....certainly not growing up...but since I really got into painting, I have discovered what the word perception means.  There are a lot of takes on this word.  With painting, it is a painters perceptions of how a painting should look.  Not only the concept, but also the visual.  Their are many forms of art that are viewed solely on perception.  Abstract is one of them.  Zentangle, a newer form of doodling art is another.  The shapes, the shadings, the colors can all give one's perception a run for their money.  Then there is the perception of the picture while a painter is in the middle of painting it.  I recently heard an artist by the name of Patti Rawlinson comment about when you are painting...and the object is flat on a surface...you don't have the same perception of it as you would if the painting is upright.  Your eye actually sees is differently.  That was a key clue for painters...thanks Patti.  
Well, you might think that this blog is just about painting, but it is not...last night I was sitting and watching television and a commercial came on.  As I glanced over,(I never JUST sit and watch TV...I am always working on something), and there was a brief clip of naval officers.  I thought wow...my perceptions have really changed.  When I was 18 or so, I would have thought those men were gorgeous hunks that I might pursue....now that I am ALMOST 60....my perception was..."oh...look at those young boys"  Funny how we see things differently through the same eyes. The only difference here is my perception.  
We perceive how a person is by the way they look as well.  I know that I recently saw a show that had a young man walk into a very fancy shop and was not dressed according to what you might call the store's standards.  He was approached and told that there would be nothing in the shop for him.  He was enlightened as to how much the clothing costs.  He was treated poorly.  All the time this was happening, he was being viewed on camera.  Once he left...they dressed up a very wealthy millionaire and had him walk inside and he too received the same treatment.  If the clerks knew who he really was..it might have been a different story...but their perception caused them to treat him badly.  
Often times, many might treat another one poorly, strictly because of their perceptions of that individual. Sometimes they are ignored.  For instance...the handicapped or mentally impaired are often ignored or treated differently because of their appearance.  Our perceptions change the way we react or don't react to them.  
I learned early on in life...that clothes DO NOT make a person.  The way their homes are kept DO NOT make a person.  The disabilities DO NOT make a person!  It is our perceptions that make that.  We perceive who someone is by their appearance and actions...yet, we do not know that back story.  It is like the old saying goes...."you can not read a book by its cover"  or "there are two sides to a book and what the story is in between is totally something different".  So today...take the challenge...look up, look out, look around. Try to image what is there or not there.  Look at something beautiful and then find it's UGLY and then find something UGLY in appearance and try to perceive it's beauty.  After all...there are 2 sides to everything! 

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