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Depression and it's Shadow

Good morning to everyone.  What a day it proposes to be, here in the Niles area.  Storms and then more storms.  And the temperatures are expected to be high as well...  Never a good mixture.  
Well, today's blog is about Depression.  There is so much talk going on about it since the untimely death of Robin Williams.  I lived with someone who had depression as well.  Many think that it is just a feeling of sadness and that the person should just shrug it off and get over it.  They don't understand the depth that it can take.  If you ever listened to the radio show The Shadow...you will be able to connect my thoughts here on this subject.  The Shadow's character lurked around it the dark with powers of being unseen by others...that is somewhat like depression. It is lurking around in a person's mind...totally unseen at times by others.  In the show...one of the catch phrases is "what evil lurks in the hearts of men" along with "only the Shadow knows for sure"  Depression is the shadow.  it lurks around in the mind...speaking in an unheard voice that only the affected person can hear.  It speaks volumes of a negative language convincing the person of their failures. For so many that have this disease...they are in constant search for someone or something to help them with their problems.  It seems that most persons with depression will turn to Drugs or Alcohol as a solution.  It doesn't change the problem...it only masks it...and then they take more and more until there is no end in site.   Depression has many friends, and they are called hopeless, lost, frightened, angry, confused, wandering and misunderstood.  It is often in search of courage and self esteem.  When you think about a shadow...think about what is needed to make it appear.  Why brightness or sun of course.  Oftentimes, a person with depression that had the hidden shadow appear to be bright and sunny on the outside.  The walk with a glint of laughter in their eyes and a smile on their face, while inside the shadows gains power.  Threatening it's victims every thought and action.  There is a struggle over what to do...and then suddenly...without any warning...the shadow overpowers it's victim.  It shows it's victim a fun house mirror of deception and hopes that the victim believes what the reflection shows.  It convinces it's victim that there is no longer hope and the only way out is through the death door.  It's victim is often less afraid of the unseen than it is of their surroundings and chooses to move through that door.  The Shadow wins. All that is left is the doom and gloom that has no sun to shine on it any longer. 
What can we do?  Only the shadow knows for sure!

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