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Lava and it's Scrubbing Power

Good morning to everyone.  Well, it seems that an entire weekend blew past without my blogging.  If I don't get a jump start early with the blog..I just can't seem to get to it.  Friday I was able to take the red hat girls to the Shri Mandir Temple in Bartlett.  What an amazing place to visit.  I was in awe of the architecture.  All the carvings, both inside and out were breathtaking.  I spent the rest of the weekend painting and visiting with a friend who is recovering from her mastectomy.  What an amazing attitude she has! 
Now on to today's blog.  It is about soap.  I went down to the laundry room yesterday to wash some clothes and as I stood by the washer preparing the clothes to put inside, I paused with certain items that I scrubbed with some Lava soap.  I know that in today's world there are so many different stain removers and presoaks, but I rely on the old standby.  I can remember whey I was little girl and helped my grandmother do the laundry that we did the same thing....with the same soap.  I am grateful that it is still sold today. 
Lava soap was invented in  1893, a bar soap formulated with volcanic pumice particles for extra scrubbing power and was created in the USA in  St. Louis, Missouri. It's name, Lava was chosen as the name to remind consumers of the pumice it contains.
I remember it always being used by Grandma to scrub out the shirt collars and also for the bottoms of socks.  I find it useful in all stain situations.  It last much longer than those stain treatments and is much cheaper as well.  It has always been a staple in my household.  It amazes me when I stomp down to the basement to do laundry.  I do mine and the household items and my husband does his own.  When I approach the washing machine, I have to laugh.  He has all these pretreaters on a shelf, while mine is a small green bar of soap.  It is accompanied with a mason jar of soap made from Fels Naphtha soap.  Another old standby.  I guess in some matters, you can't teach an old dog new tricks...especially when they already use the oldest tricks in the book. Well, I suppose that I have come a ways though.  I do use a modern washing machine.  I must admit though, that I did start out using a wringer in my early days of marriage.  I still have my scrub boards from my grandmother and must admit...I no longer use it, but when I look at that board, I am reminded of those days from long ago...laundry days. I remember feeding the laundry into the rollers and praying that my fingers wouldn't get caught.  I remember the Lava soap and scrubbing the clothes up against that scrub board until the stains disappeared.  Well, the Lava is still here and works just as well as it did back then.   

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