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Water Color My World

Good morning to everyone.  Well, another day that looks to be promising.  I had a full day of painting along with a trip to drop off some dinner for a friend who just had surgery.  Today promises to be just as full.  I teach an art class today and am preparing what needs to be taken.  It will be a watercolor class today.  Which brings me to todays blog. 
I remember as a child, my first introduction to watercolor paints.  My mother came home with the old fashioned paint tray with the dots of watercolor in it.  I had ONE brush...a concept that I cannot imagine today!  My next introductory to watercolor paints was actually in a book.  A coloring book that was designed with the paint already inside the book...all that was needed was to wet the paint brush...and in Jackie Gleason's delightful remark..."and away we go!".  It didn't  challenge me what so ever!  If you pushes the brush around too much...everything became the same color.  I was more of the blend and shade kind of girl. 
Well, as years went by, I gave the same old container of watercolors to my daughters and also my granddaughters. And spotted the same types of paintings. 
When I went to craft or art shows, I would see these amazing watercolor done by artists and would wonder how in the world they got those magnificent pieces out of the little box of colors.  I now have to laugh at myself.  I guess I never really stopped to look in the art department at the products other than what I used.  Well, as time went on, I eventually joined an painting chapter...still unaware of all that could be discovered in the rows of art supplies at my local store...not to mention an art store.  I had no idea that such a store even existed!  I cannot remember what rock I was living under!  You see, growing up..I loved art, but my mother thought that art was not something that you should pursue because it would never make you any money!  But loving art never was something that I was born with.  The paint runs through my veins.  It must be a mixture of Prussian Blue and
Rose Madder.   Now years after playing with my skinny tray of watercolors, I decided to take a water color class.  Imagine my surprise when the teacher pulled out tubes of the watercolor paint.   Now this was going to be a test for me.  I was finally introduced to the wonderfully challenging world of water color.  The teacher was truly talented and a spectacular teacher. I could not have ever imagined what could be accomplished in water colors.  I can remember like it was yesterday, his instructing me to pay attention to the trees outdoors...he informed me that trees grew in multiple directions...not just straight up.  REALLY?  And so my eyes turned to look and see for the first time...nature in it's true form, not the one envisioned in my head.  I have from that day forward, paid great attention to everything I see.   I carefully look at the shapes and the colors, the shadows and the highlights...all because of one man.  Thank you Mark Polomchak. 
Well, I learned the value of water in water color painting, the tricks and the secrets. I landed up LOVING the art of watercolor!   At the end of the classes, I had finished a few watercolor paintings that I was thrilled to frame and have hanging in my home.  I went on to doing more watercolors and on even further to using them in the technique of Batik.  A wonderful use of watercolors and wax. 
So, today, I pass on the secret behind that little, long box of watercolors...there is more than meets the eye there.  It is a small treasure box.  It is the beginning of magic.  All you need is a little imagination and some water and a brush.    

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