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Aloha in Hawaii

Good morning to everyone.  I must say that here in the Niles, Illinois area...damp and humid are my arch-enemy!  With Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis...this kind of weather has me sitting on the couch wondering whether I will get anything done today.  These diseases hurt from the inside out to the very outer nerve endings.  I am hurting today literally from head to toe.  But I will somehow figure out what to work on today. 
As for today's blog, I thought I would time travel back to when I was 19 and took a trip to Hawaii.  Boy those were the days.  Thin, healthy and ready for adventure. 
It was a well needed trip and my friend Rosemary and I got on a plane for the first time in our lives.  It was an adventure.  The first time I had taken a trip with out my mother.  Rosemary and I were friends from High School and decided to be adventurous.  We stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Honolulu and the first thing I remember was donning my hot pink Bikini and lace coverup and hitting the beach.  This was going to be a real relaxing pleasure trip.  Well, imagine my surprise when my pleasure trip was interrupted by a case of sun poisoning!  I had tanned beautifully my entire life up until then.  It was awful.  It even hurt to sit down.  It wasn't like we had stayed out all day in the sun...but the sun affected me much differently there than id did here.  Still...at 19, things like that don't get in the way...we were both burned, but made the necessary clothing adjustments.  That night, we went out to dinner in the top of building that was surrounded by glass windows.  I wore a long black satin halter top gown with a plunging neckline and a slit up the front.  A light pink boa accompanied the outfit.  After dinner, we went out to a local bar with entertainment.  It was seeing the local side of this amazing wonderland. I met a nice gentleman there and it was too funny....he was from Evanston just near by my back home.  He asked if I would like to go watch the sun rise.  Rosie had met someone and told me to go and ahead and go.  So he and I drove up on this cliff and sat and waited for the sun to peek it's crown up from behind the waters.  When I look back now, what an amazingly romantic moment that was and it was with a total stranger.  If my granddaughter told me she did something like that...I would probably have the BIG one!  It is funny how we think differently when we are young.  Nothing in the world could harm us...or so we thought!  Fortunately for me...it was a just a lovely evening. 
There were many things to do and many things to see, one thing for sure was to go and see Don Ho...It was a great show.  He and his son were performing.  We even got to go backstage and get his autograph.  I asked to have my picture taken with him.  Right when the picture was taken, I got a kiss on the cheek from him....that made my day!  Tiny Bubbles awaited us that evening at another local hangout. 
I remember that it was a challenge to see which of us could locate the prettiest lei.  Well, my friend Rosie won...and I lost to more that the competition...it turned out that I was highly allergic to the lei.  Can you imagine??  It really affected my respiratory system and landed me in bed. A whole day wasted there with a fever! 
The biggest excitement was going to the luau.  We had met a few older women that were just so sweet.  We got to sit with them at the luau and had the night filled with great conversations and loads of laughter. 
Hawaii had been everything I had hoped it would be.  It had excitement, romance, and fun!  It also had a few knocks on my body, between the sun poisoning and the respiratory attack! ...but I was trying to get over a terrible breakup.  At that time of my life...I thought there was nothing left for me....imagine...19 years old and I thought the world was coming to it's end.  Well, thanks to that Trip...I learning that life goes on.  I would love to revisit that magical place...only this time, I won't be wearing a bikini and if I do go out in the sun...my best friend Rosemary will be replaced with sun screen.  Hawaii's signature word Aloha was just that for me...it said goodbye to one part of my life and hello to the next.    

2 Comments to Aloha in Hawaii:

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Linda on Friday, August 29, 2014 9:06 AM
I love Hawaii! I have been there 3 times and still wishing for more. Each trip I made there has such good memories, mostly of the people I was with while there. The Islands are pure magic!
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Debi Gajewski on Friday, August 29, 2014 12:07 PM
Linda, you and I should have gone together....between the water and the beauty and the 2 of us...oh the fun we could have had! I certainly would love one more trip back!
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