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Tis the Season for Apple Cider

Good morning to all.  I hope that your long weekend went well for those of you who had one.  It is very gloomy looking outdoors today.  One of those days where you might want to crawl back under the covers and stay there.  But alas...time to move on with the day.  So much to do and just so little time. 
Today's blog is about Apple Cider.  I just bought a gallon of apple cider the other day and last night I sat down with a nice tall glass of that wonderful drink.  As I sipped the cider from the glass I cannot believe the thoughts that began to race through my mind.  It is funny how a particular taste of something can spark so many memories and ideas.  I can remember the thrill of Autumn growing up and how special that taste of Cider was.  I remembered walking through Long Grove Village when it was at it's peak of shopping and during Autumn time enjoying the Apple cider doughnuts.  Then there were the thoughts of warm and spice apple cider on Halloween. 
As I sat thinking about it...I could not help myself...my mind wandered to food.  The apple pies, apple splices and apple fritters.  I started to search for recipes using the cider.  I found recipes for various doughnuts, pound cakes, apple cakes, waffles, syrups and drinks galore....all using the cider. Aside from the sweet items, there were also lots of pork recipes using it as well.  They all sounded so delicious it makes me want to try them all.  I have written a number of recipes down to try.  The apple pound cake may be the first on my list. 
I thought about the differences between apple juice and apple cider.  First off, apple cider is not clear like the apple juice.  It is unpasteurized and  still contains the pulp  and sediment from the apple.  It also contains Antioxidants, such as flavonoids, which can neutralize free radicals before they have a chance to do damage. Flavonoids may also help fight chronic illness, such as cancer and heart disease. Drinking apple cider can help increase your daily dietary fiber intake to improve digestion and lower blood cholesterol..now if this isn't all a plus...I am not sure what is.
One of the best advantages of having the apple cider is that it can be made into apple cider vinegar.  There is a plethora of benefits stated from the use of the vinegar which goes back thousands of years. 
One of the plus' of having the cider in house is that I love to cook some and add some cinnamon and allspice and cloves to it.  The aroma permeates the house and just the smell alone is heavenly. 
So, this season, take some time to enjoy a bit of the cider.  Use it in your cooking and or baking.  Substitute it for some water in a recipe.  Even the fruit of the season and enjoy.... I know I certainly will. 

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