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I'll Fly Away to Never Never Land

Good morning to all.  Another scorcher today.  Another storm moving in as well.  These are the types of days I worry about.  Hot and then cold...makes for disaster in the weather.  Well, I spent part of my day working yesterday when my hand gave out.  This could become a serious problem.  My knuckles are locking in place and my hand is in some major pain.  I will need to switch gears and baby it for a while. 
As for today's blog, it is the Peter Pan syndrome. When I was a kid, the song I remember singing was the Peter Pan song. I never imagined that this was a reality...that there were really going to be people that actually live out that song.    It is when adults have turned their backs on the reality of life. It is when they have placed rose colored glasses or perhaps 3D glasses on and believe that everything is the way they see it and not the way it actually is. 
Sometimes, their visions are colored or distorted by other variables in their life.  Sometimes it is cloudy by depression, sometimes it is drowned in alcohol and or drugs, sometimes it is the pure and simple fact that they don't grow up. 
It is an  avoidance of assuming responsibility.It is interesting to look at the signs of the Peter Pan Syndrome:
  • Either excessive outbursts of emotion or blunt in affect.
  • Anger to the point of wrath
  • Happiness that turns into extreme panic
  • Frustration that leads to self-pity and depression.
  • They have difficulty expressing feelings of love
  • They always feel guilty
  • Difficulty relaxing
  • Undependable
  • Manipulative tendencies
  • These are often felt by so many, yet it is when it is on a constant and daily basis that it becomes a problem.  Often times, people who suffer from this syndrome feel alone.  They blame other people for their frailties.  They never accept any responsibility for their actions.  They are threatened by those who have any control over any situation....because it is their desire to have all the control...and yet they have no clue what to constructively do with it. 
    What is most interesting about this syndrome is that it is actually a disorder.  It is a psychological one.  There is a cure, but it requires more than just a pill or a workout regimen. First, those afflicted have to recognize the problem and then make that next step.  It is advisable that you simplify your life. Close the books, clock-out of work and reconnect with those who matter. Never Never Land does not exist.  It is the here and the now.  We only get one go around in this lifetime.  Take advantage of it.  Don't let the syndrome take away your chances of a great and real life! 

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