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A Topaz Engagement Ring?

Good morning to everyone.  I hope that this will be a great weekend for everyone.  The weather certainly blew in a huge change here in the Niles area yesterday, resulting in much cooler temperatures.  This is wonderful....at least for me.  Much cooler temperatures are expected for the week to come and I certainly won't complain about that. 
Today's blog is about engagement rings.  I watched the show last night called Four Weddings.  As I sat and watched all the preparations and the actual weddings themselves, it took me back in time to my own wedding and then my own engagement.  This month I will be married for 40 years.  That is more than double the age I was when I go married!  Well, I thought about the engagement ring and remembered the day that my diamond fell out of mine.  I was absolutely devastated!  I can remember by mother scolding me for having worn it.  I couldn't imagine why you wouldn't wear your ring.  Of course this was almost 3 years into my marriage...but still...why wouldn't I wear my rings?  Well, after searching everywhere for that diamond, I finally decided that it probably went down the drain when I gave my girls a bath that evening.  The ring came off the finger and into the jewelry box, never to have a stone replaced in the ring. It is hard to look at that...even now after 40 years of marriage.  It wasn't until Princess Diana that I saw that someone had a stone other than the diamond in it.  Of course later in life, more and more different stones began to appear as a fashionable stone for engagement rings.  As I sit here today, I started questioning the reasoning behind the ring itself and when it all began. 
I discovered that the ring giving began around 1215 when a mandatory waiting period was issued by Pope Innocent III.  The tradition of giving an engagement ring dates back to the Classical era, when there was believed to be a vein running straight from what is now known as the left "ring finger" to the heart. The fourth finger of the left hand is still the traditional finger on which to wear the engagement ring. At that time, only the wealthiest could afford such a ring, so most rings were simple bands of metal. When more of the population could afford precious stone...some rings had stones in them that actually spelled out a message with the type of stones in the ring.  One that impressed me was the one that spelled out LOVE.  The stones in that ring were   Lapis lazuli, Opal, Vermarine, and Emerald.  How cool is that!  It was like a decoder ring!  Largely due to an advertising campaign by De Beers in the 1940s, todays most common stone in an engagement ring is still the diamond...although...since Princess Diana and her daughter in law Kate...other stones are becoming more and more fashionable. 
When I think about the money that goes into a that ring and then the money that goes into a wedding...and when you see what some people actually pay for them, I question why.  I know how badly a girl is prepped since birth for that ring and that special day...but yesterday I saw one wedding where the couple were more impressed about who shared the moment with them than how grand and expensive it could be.  
That brings me back to the engagement ring...mine in particular.  After 40 years, not only is the stone missing, but it needs to be made larger as well.  I guess it just might be time to have that ring repaired.  I have thought about it long and hard and have finally decided that I would prefer a different stone in that ring.  A stone that will tell a story of it's beginning, it's loss and it's continuation. I think it should be a Topaz.  The ancient Greeks believed topaz gave the wearer great strength and could also make them invisible....well, wouldn't that be a great side effect?   What I did not realize was the many colors that Topaz comes in..It also occurs in red, peach, orange, gold, pink, yellow, clear (the color of pure topaz) and brown. Some pink is obtained by heat-treating brownish yellow stones from Brazil. Certain shades of blue are also made by irradiating it.  Wow...the color of the rainbow...now to decide on the color best suited for me.   I also wonder whether we should take a second honeymoon and go to Topaz Mountain in Colorado and mine for the stone.  I could really dig that!  LOL.  

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