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Good morning to all.  Today is a bit gloomy outside and they are predicting storms for tomorrow here in the Niles Illinois area.  A full day is waiting for me.  I have a pretty full schedule of events to run back and forth to and on top of that, I am hoping to finish up painting a ton of Santas on my paint table. 
As for today's blog, I am never sure where my mind will take me in my thoughts...but today I was sitting in my chair remembering a particular trip to Indiana with my Granddaughters.  Shipshewana, Indiana has always been a favorite of mine.  It is truly the type of place that I call HOME.  I am not quite sure what it is....but it soothes my soul to be there. 
Anyway, through the years that we have gone back and forth there...I met a nice Amish family who owned a banquet hall that they catered an Amish dinner to and then afterwards, they entertained the masses.  It was great food and good, clean fun.  I often chatted with the owners and eventually became friends.  One time out there, we had our granddaughters with.  Now  the family had a daughter around the same age as our granddaughter and they got along well.  So one night, after the dinner and the entertainment was over, I went into the kitchen to help with dishes and my husband chatted with the owner.  While this went on, their daughter took our granddaughters and they ran around the farm.  We had a wonderful evening filled with laughter.  The time finally arose and we left to return to the hotel.  On our way there, we asked our eldest granddaughter who was 6 at the time, how she enjoyed herself and what did she and her new friend do?  Now, the back story that you need to know to get the reasoning behind her answer is that in the next town over...Middlebury....their was a great farm that you could tour and one of the things the housed their was a Zebra/horse.  Yes, a crossbreed...very interesting to see.  We went to visit that farm often.  Now back to the car and our question.  What did you get to see?  Her answer came easily....a Giraffe Horse.  Now remember...we have seen a Zebra/Horse...so someone saying a Giraffe Horse is not that far fetched...except when you try to visualize what that might look like.  My husband and I then began the round of questions.  Really?  How tall was it?  Did it have a long neck?  What kind of markings were on it?  She began to answer the questions as our minds scrambled to picture this Giraffe Horse. Finally she told us that it had really Big feet and that it pulled the work wagon....it was then that we realized she had either misheard or that the young Amish girl had a lisp of some type.  She was in actuality, describing a DRAFT horse.  I think my husband and I laughed all the way back to the hotel.  We have never forgotten how gullible we actually were and how funny the situation was! 
Now, the next day, we went over to spend the day.  It was filled with lots of stories and jokes...some lunch and the children playing well into the night. The children began to head down the stairs into the basement and the 3 year old asked why it was so dark.  Where are the lights? Well, talk about how different life is.  She could fathom that there wasn't any light switches in that house. It was an eye opener even for someone so young. It was truly a wonderful experience for all of us and a truly enjoyed trip....that we have never forgotten 

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