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That Fragrance is Tabu

Good morning to everyone.  Well, if you live in the northern Illinois area you will awaken to storms.  It stormed through the night and is continuing for the next few hours.  The humidity is certainly high here today! 
Well, today's blog was  brought about because of going to a Salvation Army event yesterday.  For someone like myself, who is sensitive to chemicals, that was a real shocker to the system.  With about 50 women in a room, the scents were overpowering!  One very sweet woman came up to speak with me and I thought I would keel over.  The scent was way too overpowering...and even the fact that is was in a talc powder form stood out in my nose.  The scent: Tabu.  Tabu was the one scent, long ago, before I became so sensitive to chemicals, that I wore and was constantly complimented on. 
Coming home, this whole experience took me back in time.  I can remember loving TABU!  It was not an inexpensive perfume.  It's bottle alone spoke volumes.  It was always a welcomed gift.  I came in a white box with a block stripe at the top portion that had a little red line to the side.  The bottles varied, but I prided myself on this large rounded edged, somewhat square bottle.  When I thought about fragrances, I remember trying so many different types as a young girl...searching for just the right one.  Some just smelled terrible on me and I never quite understood why...so when I discovered Tabu...I stayed with it until I could no longer where anything.  Yesterday's interaction with the woman and her Tabu fragrance brought back those good old days and yet, I was miserable by the time I left the event.  I could smell the scents all over ME.  The room was so filled that they saturated my own clothing.  I was miserable to be sure! 
I started to wonder about the fragrances and when I looked it up...there are thousands of chemicals in each fragrance...the one with the least totals over 400.  Imagine...that many on your body and a roomful of people wearing all those chemicals.  Someone like myself, who suffers from MCSS...Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, was certainly in a killing zone.  The fact that each of us is made up of our own individual chemical make up...we must find just the right blend that does not clash with ours.  Hence, the reason some perfumes or colognes are perfect on one person and not another.  If you wear a heavy amount of fragrance, if it doesn't work with your body's chemistry, the bad smell will be a lot worse than when wearing  a small amount.  No one should be able to smell your fragrance before you get there or twenty minutes to an hour after you have left.  Also, remember that some people get very ill around these fragrances, like myself, so do please choose carefully where you wear the stuff. 
It is now that I understand the perfume testers in the store.  Of course their purpose is to sell the perfume, but the testers are a great way to see whether or not it will do well on you.  You can never go by just the smell in a bottle...because how it will react on you is the real test.  
As for me, unfortunately those days are gone.   I am sad that I finally had to give away my precious bottle of TABU...because really it became TABU to me! 

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