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Time is NOW

Good morning to everyone.  Well, it sure seems as though the predictions for a tough winter might just be right.  This is the coldest September that I can ever remember.  I could not believe that I was trying to get myself warm yesterday.  I know it is bad when the shorts come off and the long pants go on....and I put on socks.  From one extreme to the other and that is tough on the body. 
I have a lot to do today to get ready for a meeting with my painting chapter tomorrow.  I have to sort through papers and instructions and make sure that everyone gets the correct packets for an up and coming seminar. 
As for today's blog, I thought that I would broach the subject of Time.  It seems that no matter what I do...I just don't seem to have enough time in my day...or my life to do everything that I would like to do.  It is not until I stand back and take a good look at what I DO accomplish and I have to give myself 2 thumbs up. 
One of the best things that I find myself doing...especially in regards to knowledge, is that I take the time each morning...well, most mornings, to sit and tackle one lesson.  Whether it is watching a Utube to make something, to learn something, or read something...I am always trying to utilize my time properly.  Having Fibromyalgia, along with Psoriatic Arthritis, mornings are the toughest for me. It literally takes a minimum of an hour and a half to feel ready to move on with my day, so instead of complaining or lamenting, I warm up a heating pad, grab my computer and I am off! If I have to take this time to get my body in sync with my mind, then it might as well be productive.  The biggest problem that arises is that it is hard not to sit there all day and watch  these tutorials.  It is a valuable gift that the computer age has given us.  It is too bad that more people don't take advantage of them. 
Once I more on from there...it is off to the paint table and I must say that I utilize both sides of the table at a time.  My table is 48 inches wide and with only one leaf in...the table measures 75 inches long...just enough room to work both side of the table.  I work in stages.  Then my kitchen has an island to put stage 3 on. I work at these stations most of the day in between doing other chores.  There definitely is no moss growing beneath my feet.  When I look at the barrage of books and patterns that I have accumulated over the years...I realize that I will never get to paint everything I hope to...but yet my motivation doesn't seem to grasp that.  Time marches on and so do I.  When I hear the words....I'm BORED from someone...my mind goes berserk!  I cannot fathom how anyone can be bored!!  I guess the long and the short of it is that I am a TRUE Workaholic.  Time is something that I use as wisely as possible. I am aware that Time marches on.  Time gets away from us and Time will only tell what lies ahead.  I have often thought about how time effects us. For me, when there is a deadline and the TIME is limited...then I can seem to really push the time clock. 
A number of phrase use the word time in them...such as:
  • all in good time
  • at this point and time
  • bide your time
  • big-time spender
  • don't let time pass you by
  • a good time was had by all
  • he puts on his pants one leg at a time
  • if you can't do the time, don't do the crime
  • in the nick of time
  • it's crunch time
  • it's a sign of the times
  • it's time to call it a day
  • let the good times roll
  • like a time bomb waiting to explode
  • same time, same place
  • a stitch in time saves nine
  • take it one day at a time
  • time after time
  • time and time again
  • time heals all wounds
  • time is of the essence
  • time is money
  • the time is ripe
  • time flies when you're having fun
  • time is money
  • working on borrowed time
  • you have all the time in the world
  • The last being the one with the least amount of truth.  Time is limited.  There is only the here and now.  No TIME like the present.  It is a present....use it wisely....because you can only visit the past time in your mind and cannot change what has gone. 

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