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A Celebration I Had Never Heard Of!

Good morning to everyone.  Well, I know that I have been amiss for a few day...so sorry.  Sometimes life just takes over and it is tough to sit down at the computer and focus on a story. 
It have been quite the journey for me.  It has been an experience as well, blogging each day and using these times as both a meditative and an intellectual experience.  I am in the constant search for what to write about and how I go from A to Z to put the thought processes all together can sometimes be quite exhilarating. 
Today's blog is about learning something new.  It seems that each day....there are continuous challenges that we can face.  New things to learn if we are open to listening.  The other day, I attended a meeting for my painting chapter.  One of the ladies that sat at my table...I have seen numerous times and exchanged hellos...but this day, we engaged in conversation.  It was an easy conversation....we spoke about so many things...but one thing in particular caught my attentive ear.  You see, she is from England originally.  We were on the subject of Halloween and she shared that it wasn't until recently that the people in England didn't celebrate that occasion...instead, they celebrated Guy Fawkes Holiday.  It threw me...I had never heard of such a holiday....you see...us old dogs CAN learn new tricks!  We sometimes get so involved with what we are doing and what comes natural to us that we sometimes imagine that it is the same for all.  Well, here the tables were turned...a holiday that was new to me. 
She began to explain about the Guy Fawkes day.  It is also known as Guy Fawkes Bonfire.  It is celebrated on November 5th and primarily in New Britain.   Guy Fawkes Night originates from the gunpowder plot of 1605, a failed conspiracy by a group of provincial English Catholics to assassinate the Protestant King James I of England and replace him with a Catholic head of state. In the  aftermath of the  November 5th  arrest of Guy Fawkes caught guarding a cache of explosives placed beneath the House of Parliament , James's Council allowed the public to celebrate the king's survival with bonfires, so long as they were "without any danger or disorder   She went on to tell us of the figures of Guy Fawkes that are made...which sounded like scarecrows to me...and parade then down through the town to the bonfires and were then tossed in.  She also said that it was on that day that they had fireworks.  We are so accustomed to fireworks...but the fact that they do not celebrate the 4th of July...leads them to having fireworks on November 5th.   
After that she shared a song that is also sang on that day. 
  Don't you Remember,
The Fifth of November,
'Twas Gunpowder Treason Day,
I let off my gun,
And made'em all run.
And Stole all their Bonfire away.
It was a great conversation.  She is a lovely lady. It was great to learn a bit about her..and a whole lot about November 5th.   I love that opportunities like that are always sitting there waiting to be shared.  I am grateful to have been on the recipient end of that conversation and education.  So, thanks Stella...your story made for an extra special afternoon. 

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