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Quotes on Walls

Good morning everyone.  Well, another Friday and the weekend is so close we  can almost touch it.  I have a full schedule planned for the weekend.  One of the things I am doing is going with my red hat group to tour Ten Chimneys in Wisconsin.  What is Ten Chimneys?  It is the home of Alfred Lunt and Lynne Fontaine.  I have toured it once before and am excited to see it again.  The grounds are magnificent.  The home is all hand painted...right up my alley.  Alfred Lunt had a famous painter come in to paint his foyer and landed up having him stay there for 3 years to paint the rest of the house.  He even had him paint his Baby Grand Piano!  The oppulence there is something that is totally breathtaking.  To see the rooms is a chance of a lifetime. 
It is really like reading a book about the people when you walk through their homes.  It speaks volumes about who they are.  What they liked.  You can put together an opinion by what is seen even though you have never met the people personally. 
Walking through various homes on tours has even given me great insight to my own identity.  It is amazing what we surround ourselves with and the story it tells others.  The colors of the rooms, the collections or the bareness of a room gives great insight to a person's personality. 
When I look back in time, I see the changes that I have made to my home.  The colors and their meanings tell a lot about the life I have lead.  The writings on...yes I have one...tells us what is close to ones heart. 
I remember the first time I saw the phrase "Live, Love, Laugh" engraved on a wooden trim in a mansion I once toured and fell in love with the thought of that statement.  So, you might think that I put that up on my walls...right?  Well, I might have, but I found something that resonated even more to me...it is the phrase "Laughter sparkles like sunshine"...when I see this it helps me to remember all the laughter and joy that occurred in this house.  It reminds me of how grateful I am for the sunshine.  Both the real sun and its warmth and all of my little sunshines in life.  My husband, my children, my grandchildren, my in laws, my parents and grandparents and friends.  When I look at the saying on the wall, I can visualize many moments shared in laughter.  I can still see the twinkling in their eyes and the smiles on their faces.  And if you ask what color the wall is that that quote is on...why YELLOW...of course...just like the sunshine.  Being surrounded by yellow makes one 
The color of sunshine, produces a warm, pleasant, cheerful and energetic feeling. Yellow is a color which attracts attention immediately, thus can have a very positive and healthy effect on our eyes.  I balance the color with half of the room in red... It belongs to the warm colors and stands for danger, strength, war, power, love, passion and determination. When you see the color red, you feel confident and powerful, because it is a very bold color.   
When I think of what hangs on my walls...I am convinced that those items tell others to be comfortable there.  My walls are covered with quilt pieces and lined with shelves of teapots, tea cups and saucers and even a display of cheese spreaders.  I am hoping that it sends out the message of make yourself at home.   I have surrounded myself with things that give me comfort.  The quilts remind me of the Amish area that I often visit and a sense of peace.  The teapots started with my grandmothers teapot and just exploded.  Each one tells its own special story.  When I look at them, the person whom I received it from rushes to my mind and heart.  The teacups remind me of my grandchildren.  The tea parties and joy that I have partaken in with the grandchildren and friends.  And the cheesespreaders...well they just make me laugh.  I love the varieties and the challenges.  They remind me that even the smallest things can give us joy and laughter. 
So, look around your home today...perhaps choose one room and try to determine what it says about you...how does it make you feel...how do you want others to feel while visiting.  Think about other peoples homes.  How do you feel when you are there.  Is there someone's home that feels like home to you.  Why is that...what is it about that home or that room that makes you feel that way?  Think about how different we all are in the way we decorate our rooms.  It is mind boggling to see how a room can make us feel.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me. 
If you are ever in Genesee Wisconsin...take the time to go and see Ten Chimneys...you will never forget the experience. 

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