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Positively Picture Perfect...You Bet

Good morning.  Hope that you have a fun day waiting for you.  I am spending the day with my red hat girlfriends and expect to have a ball. 
I was reading something yesterday that sparked a really big thought.  It was about a picture a day. 
The more I read about a picture a day...it seems to intrigue me.  The woman in the story decided to take a picture a day to record life.  It seems that the pictures were not of any particular subject...just a way to utilize her camera.  The goals that she had set for herself was that she would capture one picture a day for a year.  A catalog so to speak of her year.  I imagined some grand pictures of amazing people and scenes...yet when I read the ending...the pictures were of a bowl of soup, a raked hill of leaves....that made me start to really think about how amazing each moment in our lives are...right down to the bowl of soup.  I really enjoyed the idea of a picture a day!  It reminds me of my blog a day.  I can go over what I have written and see the weather, my mood and even my thoughts...at least those that occurred while I was writing.  Sometimes it truly is the little things that we need to take the time to be grateful for.  The moments that just fill our lives.  They don't have to be grand to be important.  Each moment in time is precious moment. 
When I think back on life...all almost 60 years of it...I am quite grateful for all the photos that I have acquired.  All the moments frozen in time.  Sometimes those simple moments are forgotten.  That picture is the perfect reminder of that time.  I remember recently seeing a picture of me on the ground in the snow making snow angels with my granddaughter.  I had forgotten that time, but the picture gave me just what a needed.  A trip back in time.  I laugh when I think of me trying to get down on the ground today...with the fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis...I doubt that I could get down and swing my arms up and down to make the angels wings, but if I had to do it to please a child...I would surely make the attempt.  I am not sure whether she remembers that day...but with a photograph...I can share the memory. 
I love the idea of a picture a day.  Something...anything that will record that moment in time.  Perhaps a place, a flower, a person or even just a really great meal.  The lady said that after a year...she looked at what she had recorded on film.  She understood then that everyday, there is indeed something positive that happened.  What a great approach to positivity.  I am always looking for something new...so beginning today...I am a photographer...I will capture a picture perfect moment in time and post one here each day.  Looking forward to this positively picturesque approach to my year. 

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