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Our Wedding Day Remembered 40 years Later

Good morning to everyone.  Well, here it is...Sunday.  Time just flies by when you are having fun.  I know that yesterday was wonderful.  The tour at Ten Chimneys was fantastic...the lunch was terrific.  The one thing I learned about which really caught my interest was that the Lunt/Fontaines lived their lived with the concept of a Design for Living.  I decided that that would be my picture for the day.  If you read yesterday's blog, you will remember that I have chosen to post a picture a day to catalog my year.  I thought that this was a good day to begin.  So here is a picture from yesterday.   We stopped at a quaint little place in Genessee Depot, Wisconsin and I had a delicious pot roast sandwich on texas toast with garlic mashed potatoes....Yumm!! 
Pizza for dinner with more friends and then a night of cards. 
As we played cards I silently thought about the fact that it was 40 years to the day that I was sitting and playing cards.  How could I remember that?  Well, today is my 40th Wedding Anniversary.  The night before was our rehearsal dinner and afterwards we played cards. 
Well, today I ponder that day so long ago.  I was 19 years old and it was my wedding day.  I recall that my dearest friend was quite the nervous Nellie and asked me why I wasn't nervous...I had no answer.  I remember sitting in the kitchen on my grandmother's rocking chair after I had drawn a bath for my flower girl.  There was a lot of hustling and bustling going on, but I was quite calm and relaxed.  I decided that I would make a call to my soon to be husband and to my surprise...there was no answer.  I called for hours after that and still no answer.  I must admit that the thought did race through my head that perhaps he ran away.  When I finally did reach him, he informed me that he was out purchasing shoes for that day.  Yes...you read that right. On the day of our wedding...he was first buying his shoes.  Seems like nothing much has changed since that day...he is always a last minute sort of guy. 
When the groomsmen arrived to pick up the girls to take them to the church...one of the groomsmen had a problem where his tuxedo pant zipper had broken so he decided to show it to me right outside while the photographer was taking pictures...a bit of a somewhat embarrassing moment that fortunately grandma took care of...although I can still remember as I looked down on his pants....my eyes trailed further down only to discover that he was wearing combat boots with his tuxedo.  A shrug was all I could muster up. Sometimes there is nothing you can do, so just smile and move on. 
Well, we arrived at the church and my mornings MIA fiancé was there...new shoes and all.  We exchanged our vows and after all the pictures in the church..we headed over to the grotto for a few more photos.  We got into the car and Boom...out of nowhere...a thunderstorm!!  Some say that rain on your wedding day is bad luck, others say it is good.  As the time passed and we went to the photographers studio for our wedding portrait I momentarily forgot about the rain.  I remember being posed in the studio for the portrait and the photographer asking me for my full name.  LOL...I answered him with my full maiden name.  I suppose the ink wasn't quite dry yet on my marriage license for me to readily say it out loud.  It did make me laugh and consequently there were some good photos taken.  When we left the studio to drive over to my Aunt's home for a cocktail hour before the reception, I spotted the most beautiful rainbow hovering above us.  I figured that perhaps even if there would be tears shed in the marriage...the rainbow followed with some hope for good luck in the end.  It was my sign that everything would be okay.  I held onto that rainbow's promise and as I sit here in the same room with my husband...40 years later I know that my thoughts about the marriage was solid.  Yes, there have been tears...what marriage hasn't had some...but the rainbow after the storm has passed is certainly a blessing. 
That reception was filled with a lot of memories for me.  I remember us cutting the wedding cake and feeding each other with it and then we called up our granparents and fed some to them.  I remember throwing my wedding bouquet and my mom catching it.  I remember my wedding veil being removed and the wedding apron put on.  The two babies that dangled from the pocket of the apron, representing how many children I would have.  There were 2 babies and indeed...we had 2 children.  I remember at the end of a long day, going home to our new apartment and we were soooo tired.  I stood at the doorway and looked at my new husband and awaited his lifting me up to carry me over the threshold.  He had a difficult few moments...with all the crinolines under my gown but eventually got me up in his arms, took one step over the threshold and dropped me in.   It wasn't what you would call the most romantic swooping up one would want...but it worked. 
A new life began that day.  We joined our lives together.  The morning after we had my mom and his parents over for Wedding cake and coffee and opened our wedding gifts up together.  It was a wonderful moment to reflect over the gift that both parents gave us.  Not only the wedding as a gift, but they gave us each other. And as for God...he had blessed us on that wedding day with the storms...and the rainbow.   I always like to think that without the storms we would never appreciate the rainbow as much.  

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