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Back Pain Remedy That Rocks

Good morning to everyone.  Well, Friday is here and another weekend is upon us.  There is so much to do in fall...what a great time to get in a car and go for a drive.  The colors of the leaves are truly spectacular!  I see that the weather is really changing today into very wet and VERY cold for this time of the year.  they are even predicting a bit of snow mix in the northern parts of Illinois....BRRR!!  Time to pull out those hoodies.  
Today's picture is a farewell to the summers garden.  I took this picture of one of this fairy.  It is time to take the garden treasures and store them away for the winter.  I love the way this fairy has rusted.  I am hoping to capture the look of rust when I draw and paint her.  This will be a wonderful project during the winter on a bleak day! 
Well on to todays blog. It is interesting to have found an old folk cure book  at the Good Will.  I am always in search of a good book or 2 or 22.  LOL...I am a huge book collector for many reasons.  Now, this particular book was rather interesting.  If you have read some of my other blogs..and have begun to know me a bit...you will know that I don't believe in accidents...everything happens for a reason.  Now...I grabbed this book off the shelf because it's lead title was chicken soup and I thought it was another chicken soup for the soul book...but it turned out to be chicken soup and other folk remedies.  One of the section was about back pain.  Since I suffer from lower back pain...I read this section thoroughly.  It was most interesting to find out that the Rocking Chair was first built in America.  The second piece of information was that it was deemed the healthiest seat to sit in!  It was discovered by a leading back problem Dr. in England...that the rocking chair seems to block nerve impulses that produce lower back pain.  It was also discovered that aside from being good for circulation it is also has a relaxing effect for us tensed up people.  I always knew that my Grandma and her rocking chair were the key to a happier life.  I have been in search for a special rocker ever since I started with my arthritis...never knowing it's medical prescription...just because I always had good memories of my Grandmother.  I have now decided to treat myself to one the next trip I make to the Amish country.  I am determined to find just the right chair for me. 
As I continued to read the book...another discovery that they state is to avoid sugar and sugar drinks.  It went on to say that the sugars put an extra strain on the kidneys and adrenals glands which in turn causes back pain.  It also tells one to drink less fluids and to each more foods with liquid in them...suck as vegetables, salads and raw fruits. Another additional suggestion was cooking black beans, first soaking over night to remove the gas bloating effects, then to cook and each a couple tablespoons a day for month and then every other day for an additional month.  They suggest at the end of the 2 months that your back pain should have improved.  If it does to continue this.    Who would have ever imagined?
Well, it seems that some of the old remedies have stepped up and tapped me on the shoulder today.  Gram never made mention of the rocking chair as an aid to her back pain...but then again...I never asked.  I don't ever recall her sitting in any other chair...and since she too had Psoriatic Arthritis, perhaps that was her little well kept secret!    

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