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2 sides of the coin

Good morning to all.  It has been quite some time since I had the opportunity to blog.  I have been on a whirlwind of things and starting fresh in the morning until the dead of the night...I have just not had the ability to sit down and write up something.  I have missed it terribly.  This time of the year gets so unbelievably hectic for me, between the rehearsals of stories for Halloween and working on painting projects I barely can more at night and in the morning, my hands are still swollen from the day before. 
I decided that today I would like to blog about the season.  I have noticed that the trees have turned color and dropped their leaves much quicker than before. Hence my picture of the day.    It seems as though we are about 3 weeks earlier into the season that we have been in the past.  This makes me wonder what the winter will be like.  My birds are definitely pecking away more food than even last year.  Funny, how when we are young...we don't think much about the ensuing winter months...mostly because it really didn't matter...Snow meant snowmen, sleds, snowballs fights.  As adults, it means shoveling, ice, driving in unfavorable conditions. 
Sub temperatures as a kid meant hot chocolate, long underwear, inside games.  For adults it means sweaters, higher gas and electric bills and uncomfortable breathing when you leave the house. 
I began to notice how very different life is from the perspective of the children versus adults.  Reading what I have just written...I must say that it is not always a half filled glass for the adults...because we hopefully have gained so much through the years that we can appreciate what is before us. 
I performed at the Museum yesterday and there were only adults in attendance for the ghost stories.  Now...I must admit...a room of adults is so thrilling for me because I can tell much more advanced ghost stories...but I was prepared with both.  Unfortunately there were no children and that was a disappointment for the museum.  They had put their best foot forward in making provisions for the children.  There was candy galore...comic books, cartoons and more.  We as adults could soooo appreciate this!  But in our conversation over the lack of children...discussed how the things that we are accustomed to for entertainment...are not always where the children's minds are at.  We discussed how the are all with their phones and electronics.  We joked over the future type of surgeries.  There will be plenty of carpal tunnel surgeries and we had agreed that there would be some thumb surgeries or perhaps trigger finger surgeries in their future.  Children seem to enjoy the visual entertainments rather than the audio.  I have to question their strength as far as their imaginations go when everything is set right in front of them.  They have everything at a fingers touch away.  In my day, it was an imagination away.  I cannot refute how amazing the computer is today...but it has caused us to become less tenacious when it comes to searching out anything.  It is now so instantaneous!  I enjoyed the hunt and the challenges that were there through the years...and even though I use the computer for many things...the physical hunt is still the most excitable to me.  Is there a need for our youth today to go on a hunt of any kind? 
I recently watched a recap show of Carol Burnett.  I have put together a wonderful program that is currently being booked for me to perform.  As I watched some of her shows, I found myself roaring with laughter.  She and her cast were some of the funniest characters around.  While watching...I had to wonder just how many of our youth today have been exposed to such greats as Carol Burnett, Tim Conway or Harvey Corman?  Would they even know who they are?  As I watched the scene where Carol is dressed in an outfit that Bob Macke made from window curtains as a take off of the outfit from Gone With the Wind...I questioned whether a young person today would get the joke...and then I even questioned whether they had even seen Gone With the Wind? 
I watched as I saw amazing costumes and show tunes fill the hour.  I thought about how different todays entertainment is and how much the youngsters are missing. I could not help but wonder how many classics from my lifetime will fade away.  I am grateful that some books are still being insisted upon in schools for readings.  Pride and Prejudice for example.  I was thrilled the day my granddaughter discussed the book with me.  I hope that her future and the future of her children will be enriched with both what is in the present and still what has come to pass.  As so many of our amazing movie stars have gone onto to become some heavenly stars ...I hope that the youth will take an interest in the legacies they have left behind.  I pray that they will appreciate what was here before as I appreciate what is yet to become.  Tomorrow is filled with question marks.  Hope for what is yet to become.  I look forward to what will be new.  I hope in all the rush to get to the future that the past and present doesn't become erased.  I hope that some of the simple pleasures can be reintroduced to the young generation.  I hope that they will see the value in both sides of the coin. 
I hope that the Super Heroes of tomorrow are still some of the real heroes of today and yesterday and that even the imaginary ones will still be there as well.  As for the youth...they too will grow up and age and look back...hopefully, when they look back, they will see a fulfilled life as I have.  Something that they too will be able to look at and compare.   

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