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Christmas Spirit Returns

Good morning to all.  Well, what a difference that a day makes.  Yesterday's Christmas party perked up the Christmas spirit.  What a great time spent with friends.  A room filled with artists and friends.  One of the things that we did was collect toys for tots and had 2 marines there to take the gifts.  2 very nice young men.  During our conversations...we all commented on how very young they were.  I commented on how...when we were that young...the young men seemed so grown up...now that we have crept into the golden years...they looked like babies!  What a difference the day can make! 
I met a lovely women yesterday who has joined the group....I had actually met her on facebook and now...she has joined our guild.  It was such a pleasure.  She is a wonderful addition and I was pleased to have an opportunity to have a nice conversation with her. 
Later on in the day...I attended a Come to Bethlehem at the Salvation Army.  What a stupendous job they do recreating that time for all to experience.  Walking from room to room, we were told the story of the birth of Christ.  From Caesar to the shepherds and wise men. From the messages given to Mary and Joseph to searching for the star and finding a baby wrapped in a blanket you retravelled that time in history.  Afterwards,. there was a magnificent concert.  It was filled with the spirit of Christmas!  I sang my heart out.  Tears flowed from my eyes as I sang the verses of "O Little Town of Bethlehem"....truly feeling in God's Presence.  What a wonderful change in my spirit.  It was a blessing indeed.  It reminded me of how wonderful life is and how truly blessed I am.   The Salvation Army is welcoming to all.  They don't try to twist any arms to coming there....just instill the suggestion of finding your own place of worship...and if you don't have one...to feel free to join them.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Walk to Bethlehem with the Salvation Army...I would highly recommend going.
Upon returning home with some friends...we played some cards and then had the Christmas gift discussion.  You know the one....the one about what to buy people.  How many struggle with the whole "I HAVE to get something for this one and that one!"  I am once again reminded of a young boy's comment to me...."Mrs. Claus" .  when he told me his 3 choices for Christmas gifts...and I asked if there was anything else...his comment was simply..."why should I receive more than Jesus received?  After all...it is HIS birthday we are celebrating!"  Well...out of the mouths of babes!  We often forget that the gifts are a symbol of Love.  It so reminds me of the part of the movie with Loretta Young, David Niven and Cary Grant in The Bishop's Wife...where at the end...the minister speaks of getting a tie and the pipe....and how we need to remember the true meaning.  Recently, my granddaughter send me a picture of gifts that she was MAKING!  MAKING....I was so very proud of her.  That is truly a gift of love and friendship.  A gift of caring enough to give of your time....it took me back to the morning party and one women shared that after many years of exchanging....the chose to exchange only handmade gifts.  The giving of oneself....now that is a precious gift.  That is a true symbol of the meaning of the day.  That makes me want to do more and more to make people happy.  It is the little things in life that I have found thrill me.  It is the memories and not the presents that keep my heart full.  My Christmas spirit has returned.  It seems that it just had to take a walk down memory lane.  I don't care what others seem to put out there.  This Politically correct business seems to only work for those who want THEIR opinions to be heard and don't care about those whose opinions and beliefs are being offended.  I choose to say YES to my savior and His miraculous birth....I am not asking anyone to change their beliefs...just be kind and gracious enough to let me have MINE!  Today I will strive to share the Love of the season.  I will strive to make each day special in the name of the season.

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