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My Blog

May 2016

Mother's Day Story

Last year I won 1st place with a story that I wrote for Good Will's Amazing Mom contest when I wrote about a dear friend.  This year I decided to write about my mom and won honorable mention.  I am so pleased.  How fortunate am I to have had such amazing women in my life.  Here is this years story.  Last years story follows.
Honorable Mention - Debi G.
I was born in 1954, a time when woman stayed home and raised their families. Unfortunately, my mother had to assume the bread winner position in my life. Divorced from a nightmare, she sought for a better life for me and her. Not a time in history where taking on a man's world was all that easy. My mom built a career for herself working as a manager at Woolworths in the food department. I remember her taking me to work and going downstairs where the food was prepared. She lightened up days for me when she brought home a Nancy Drew book, a Barbie outfit or a box of Fannie Mae Candy (white almond bark). It hadn't dawned on me at the time how she must have sacrificed things for herself so that I didn't have to go without. There were trips to the lakes, Santa's Village and far away places like Disneyland in California and NYC. It's strange to look back in time and realize that everything she did, she did to make my life better. Now, as I look back, I realize that she was a young girl with hopes and dreams for herself, who unfortunately met with hard circumstances like an abusive alcoholic husband,which made her redirect HER hopes into hopes for ME. She made sure to give me an education and a life that was filled with hopes and dreams for a future. She also cared for her aging parents that we lived with. She never missed a beat when it came to sharing all that she had. My mom Joan... just my mom growing up, but today, she is a hero in my eyes.
Winning Entry - Debi G.  
When you get to my age (60), it is sad to say that my mother has passed away. It would have been wonderful to have written about what a wonderful mom she was, but instead, I choose to write about someone who has stepped in for my mom.

My dear friend Lorraine, who is 82 years old, landed on my doorstep as a perspective red hat lady (Red Hat Society) for my group. She joined and as the years went on, she became the dearest friend and a mom to me as well. There are things that friends will do ... but she has done things that a mom would do ... and things that I never had the opportunity to have with my own mother. Countless acts of kindness, always an open ear for listening. On my birthday, she invited me over because she had made me a birthday dinner, something I had done many times for my own children.

At a time in my life when I felt that everything around me was caving in ... she was there ... wrapping me in a prayer shawl and holding me as I cried. She has sage advice, a sincere heart and most of all ... love for the taking. I am so grateful to have her in my life as my substitute mom. How amazing it is to have been given such a gift ... a mom to cherish. It may be true that blood is thicker than water... but such a kinship and special soul is a miracle ... and Lorraine is mine
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