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My Blog

May 2017

Purse-ue Your Dreams

I have been involved in a few auctions for charity and want to share the newest one.  In Niles, Illinois, I sit on the Arts and Culture Advisory Council
whose mission is to
(assist the Village in fostering arts and culture in the community by supporting the people and organizations that create artistic and cultural experiences that are open to all residents and visitors)
and have recently proposed an event.  Recycling in today's world is an important issue for so many of us and I thought that this was a great endeavor.  When I contemplated what would be a good source of something desirable as well as something always used...well, purses came to mind.  Women love purses...of every shape, color and size.  Throughout history, a woman from young to old has been seen carrying her purse. So, being an artist, I thought why not create a piece of art on it.  Thus, my idea came into fruition. 
When I think of a purse, naturally, my next thought went into who uses a purse...of course my answer was easy...a woman....so the charity chosen should benefit woman.  The choice was simple...Wings.  Wings is a charity that believes that everyone has the potential and strength to overcome difficult life circumstances and to accomplish goals that will lead to an enhanced quality of life. WINGS is committed to treating each woman and child in a respectful and compassionate manner while valuing the unique qualities and needs of each family. Perfect.  This charity repurposes lives. My idea of repurposing  purses into beautiful pieces of art lines up with Wings purpose.  A charity was chosen.
Next, came my search for the purses.  I started my hunt in the resale stores for just the right purses for this endeavor.  Some days the finds were amazing, while other days I would leave the stores empty handed.  As I browsed through the selection of purses. I soon discovered I needed to become a quality control inspector.  I inspected the purses from top to bottom looking for wears and tears.  I was one tough inspector. It needed to be clean and mar free from inside and out.  The shapes had to be considered due to the idea of them finally being on exhibit.  But after a couple of months, my quest was completed. 
I am finally ready for the next steps.  After arranging for their display, I was able to put a Call out for Artists.  If you are interested in being part of this artful endeavor..please contact me...there are a few blank canvas' left.  Debi at thewonderfulwizardofart@hotmail.com
So here is the information on what will transpire after all the purses have been artfully transformed. 
They will go on a traveling display beginning October 5th-24th at the Niles Historical and Cultural Museum (8970 Milwaukee Ave, Niles) then next they will travel to the Niles-Maine Library (6960 W. Oakton, Niles) October 25-November 20.  They will then go on display at the Niles Holly Jolly Event on November 25th. (7877 N. Milwaukee Ave).  They will return to the Niles Museum on November 26th until December 1st.  Finally, they will make their way to the Niles Senior Center for the Auction Day on December 2nd.   
I am excited that so many amazing artists have chosen to participate in this challenge. I will continue to keep you abreast of the artist's and their bio's.    I will  also continue to post as the days move forward and hope that you will go on this journey with me and these works of art.  I am posting pictures today of the purse that have been rescued from the resale stores and will post their transformations as they become available.  I truly hope that if you are in this area that you will come out to see them in their truest forms.  
Should a particular purse call out your name...please feel free to send in a secret bid.  More details pertaining to this shall follow. 
And so, onto the show of purses. 
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