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June 2019

a Memory Revisited at Joe's Donuts

It started out like any other day.  I had done my morning rituals when my husband came in and reminded me of the opening of Joe's Donuts around the corner from us in Niles.  He offered to take me there for a donut.  They are a favorite of mine since I have had them in the Glenview shop.  I agreed to go since I already had to make a stop at the bank, so off we went.  
When we arrived there about 10AM, I was surprised that there were only 2 types of donuts left.  They were making more but we were there at that time, so we had one of each.  I left my husband to check out and find a table.  The place was full of people.  As I sat there wondering how many had come and gone since they opened at 6 that morning, I also thought about the amount of donuts that had already sold and how disappointed I was that neither of my 2 favorites, pistachio and glazed were not there for me to enjoy. I soon found out that it didn't mater...the fact that I was put into a position to try a different brand was upon me.  And I can clearly state...WOW.  I had the red velvet/almond with glaze and it was delicious.  At that point I looked over at my husband who was sitting across from me eating breakfast.  All I could think of was "why didn't he ask me to come BEFORE I had had my bowl of cereal this morning."  
He had delved into his eggs and sausage while I stared at the homemade tater tots on his plate...my hand slowly made its way across the table to sneak one off his plate.  I must say they were even more delicious then they looked...and then the buttermilk biscuit sitting there drew my attention towards it.  It was huge and so tempting.  They had brought some homemade honey butter over to use and my husband saw my face and offered it to me.  I said I only wanted to taste it.  I slathered that delightful pastry with butter and sliced a sliver off so I could try.  Well OMG...I was blown away at how delicious that buttermilk biscuit was....reminded me of days of old when my grandmother made them.  
About now, you are probably thinking that is the memory...but no....that was an added bonus....in more ways than one.  
As my husband and I exchanged our critiques on the food I casually looked around and noticed a mom and a group of children gathered around a window on the other side of the restaurant.  All of their noses pressed into the window as they watched the employees on the other side making donuts.  It so reminded me of my childhood when my mother and grandmother would take me to Maurice Lennell Cookie Factory.  It has been a long time since something like that has been around.  It made my whole day thinking that in those minutes, a lifetime of memories were being made for those children.  How fortunate they were.  Some days, perhaps 50 years from now, they will sit in their living room and ponder that moment of excitement.  Thank you Joe's Donuts for more that just that cup of coffee and donut and my husbands breakfast.  Thank you for making my day with a reminder that there is always something special around the corner if you just take the time to look   
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